Thursday, 16 September 2010

First AS lesson

Well I waited till this morning to blog about yesterday's lesson so I could be more positive. Also because I was exhausted last night. So positive things:
  • They enjoyed the first card sort activity
  • Most of them know how to draw y=x
  • By introducing midpoint as the mean and length as applying pythagoras didn't seem to get many input into formula type errors
  • Some of them are keen
  • No one was injured
Ok negative:
  • I was thrown by such a big class (20 soon to be 22) particular when I ran out of desks
  • I assumed too much knowledge (some needed reminding of plotting coordinates)
  • I was trying to more flowing and flexible but I think I need more structured questionning planned
  • A few of them were a bit bolshy
  • I probably came across as nervous
I think these things are fixable so we'll see how things go next Tuesday after some thorough planning.

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