Monday, 8 November 2010

Oops I forgot to blog - A level note taking?

My first November blog. Last week was our annual observation week so I have been a bit distracted by that. I passed my observation with a good. Strangely enough they did watch my AS level lesson. I did make a bit of a bodge of it by using resources that were too complicated and not having a back up. What I've been pondering recently is the best way to give notes to students. I've experimented with several options:
  • writing things on the board/smart board and they copy
  • letting them make their own notes from what I say/mymaths
  • giving out formal MEI notes at the end of lessons
  • giving out formal MEI notes at the beginning of lessons
  • giving out powerpoint slides for them to annotate
I'm not sure what works best. Any tips?

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