Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gamification and first week back

Well my first week back at work is complete. Yes I know it's only Thursday but I'm a part time skiver now. Monday was very confusing. It took the whole morning to adjust to being back. I did learn how to use the new printer though so I consider that day a win. You can scan documents on our printer and email them from it. Amazing huh?

Tuesday I was feeling back in the swing of it. First big A level meeting. Teachers do love a good moan don't they? I presented our department's results. Yesterday we had our department meeting. I found out I'm co-ordinating the daytime GCSE and may be taking two A level classes.

Away from work I've been enjoying the gamification course on Coursera and it has really got me thinking about how I could apply more game ideas to my lessons. I would like my lessons to be more playful and fun particularly GCSE and functional maths.

I've been enjoying the resources on the number loving website recommended by TES maths resources/Mr Barton though some of the items won't download for me.

I have just downloaded the blogger app and am writing this from my phone. I very rarely use the laptop these days. Smart phones have really changed how I operate probably not completely for the better.

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